Friday, 2 March 2012

Long Time No Type

Well its been nearly a month since my last post and I have not much to talk about, selling tee's are going the same as always if not better as we have added advert on Scarborough university buy/sell/trade website and we have had a few orders off there.

Other news is that we have branched out from traditional colours of tees and trying new colours with different coloured patterns and prints. (examples in next blog)

Well other than that nothing has really happened :/

but to keep it cheery ... Happy Friday!


Monday, 6 February 2012

SuperBowl Sunday

Hey guys and girls,

This is just going to be a big rant on how the patriots should of won last night and not the giants! they played so much better than the giants!!! I really thought they we going to win it, but it just went down hill in the 4th quarter :(. however Ahmad Bradshaw's final touchdown was awesome but yet seemed too easy, but it went on to win the game and made a lot of giant fans happy.
THIS WAS MY HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT Tom Brady's pass on third down is tipped away by Jason Pierre-Paul so Stephen Gostkowski nails a 29-yard field goal to get some points on the board. An impressive recovery from Brady and the Pats. We needed these points and it really kicked it off =)
overall it was an amazing experience watching the game as I do every year in the coldness of England! well done giants ... same time next year??

Thursday, 2 February 2012

We have colour

HELLO Boys and Girls!!! hope you've had an amazing few day,

We have now added colour to our tee's!!! zombie big thumbs is now blue and green and hes so awesome!!! would go beautifully on a tee!!!!

We also have our brand t-shirts for sale "the impossible 8th fold design company" same logo as on the blog but on a t-shirt!!! certainly very awesome!!! *link found on my blog page*

Now for the general part of the blog! Anyone doing anything good this weekend?? maybe working??... (as my readers are beginning to understand I do love my weekends!!!)

If anyone has any questions (or bribe for cheaper t-shirts) ask myself or peter ... we both have twitter facebook and we both have blogs ... obviously.

Thank You and Goodnight



Sunday, 29 January 2012

Happy Birthday Pete

Yesterday Was My Loving Fathers Birthday!! We had a great day and had one too many that we are all feeling today! and yet again we had one awesome weekend!!!

t-shirts still going good and we are seeing some  progress :)

if you are interested in purchasing one of our t-shirts please do not hesitate to visit our red bubble site

and once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YESTERDAY PETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Glance Into My Weekend

Well week one of the t-shirt selling business and things are going well. It was great spending the weekend with the family doing something useful instead of going out with friends. We also added some extra new tee's  this weekend on to the red bubble site which have gone down really well!
This weekend my family did a lot for this business whether it been making blogs or drawing new tee's (mom making awesome cookies to keep us going) but when it got round to Monday we all had to return to work and university which really put a downer on the mood, but not all is lost as we still have many a weekend of fun filled activities to come.

A glance into my weekend


Thursday, 19 January 2012

The T-shirts That We Make

Here is a sample of our t-shirts ... if you like them check us out on

Thank Beth

Beth York and the Impossible 8th Fold

The Impossible 8th Fold is a family run business that sells t-shirt and other merchandise containing the art work of Peter Kneeshaw (my loving step dad). His art work includes zombies, tentacles and weird characters.
If you would like to buy a t-shirt or simply look at his artwork then visit one of the following sites